Another painting by Mitch Caster

in His Image
The rose red as those lips
Inserted in the dark skein
Of her raven hair unravels
Down the length of her back.
O’ Seer. Seeing your image
Ornate in the mirror I am
Struck by your Beauty. Shall I
Write in odes nubile as a river?
Still. Be still, my heart. I am.
Fashioned for His pleasure
His lips brush mine – I am.
Bathed in morning dew
In the lonely midnight hour
Our eyes lock as lovers do
Eternity unravels. We travel
Dust, gravel, down the dirt road
Road to Emmaus. As we couple
Light reflects off our backs.
In the skein of luminous dawn
I drown. In my countenance, His.
In this ever enfolding mystery I insert
A rose red and intricate as the soul
I offer Him.
©2011 Anushka Anastasia Solomon.


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