“The Buying, Babe, Is Good Only in America” Chapbook.

My third poetry chapbook,   is being read by a potential publisher, Poets and other readers who will be posting their comments.  The concept and cover art is by Colorado Artist Ken Zeromski

Here is a first review:

Anushka Solomon brings an immigrant’s perspective to her entertaining and poignant observations on American society. She is at once a participant and an outsider, showing us through her own dichotomies the contradictions embodied in every American life. Her poems are a window to our society’s foibles, and to our own humanity.
-Doug Bell, Editor of the Courier

Here is a second review:

“These powerful, thought-provoking poems are almost palpable in their intensity.  In her third poetry collection, The Buying, Babe, is Good Only in America, Anushka Anastasia Solomon turns an unblinking eye on contemporary America, alternately celebrating and critiquing its social, political, economic, and cultural scene.  Holding a mirror to her adopted homeland that reflects both its shining potential and its often-disappointing reality, Solomon praises America for what it has always represented to immigrants like herself: a beacon of freedom and an opportunity to pursue the American Dream.  What, however, has this dream become but an unending quest to acquire vast quantities of trendy, and frequently unnecessary, material goods?  Through keen, colorful images, Solomon asks this and other probing questions, while wistfully recalling her native Malaysia and speaking for those who seek peace, prosperity, and enlightenment in faraway lands.”

-Lynda La Rocca, poet and author,
The Stillness Between and In the Shortness of My Days


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