Painting by Mitch Caster

 A painting by Mitch Caster of my friend Joanna Zeromski, and Diana her friend who designed the beautiful costumes. Joanna Zeromski and this beautiful painting inspired my poem below. Poems inspired by art are called poems of ekhphrasis.

Mitch Caster's Painting

Dance in the body you have– Agnes de Mille
No one can rob her of riches
The burnished red brown of
Her raven hair earth laid bare
Gently sweeps her eyes
Downward, She blushes
Like the pomegranate
Pregnant with the sumptous
Sweet promise of endless virgin
Birth: Above; from Above Angels
And Saints sing canticles
As her smile spills pearls
No one can hurl those pearls
Or gather them in, no one on
Earth can rob her of riches
Neither death nor darkness
Though below, they bellow
Enraged, red seas roar
Ravage! Savage! Pillage!
Below, they bellow in foot
Stomping fervor to devour
Her: But She: She dances in the
Body She has: unperturbed
Her body; politic becomes
This body; poetry becomes
That body: Her body made
Holy becomes The temple,
The ark, The covenant: She
Dances in the body she has:
She knows The Lord of The
Dance: Though below, they
Bellow turning the skies
Orange, the moon to blood
Turns, She knows only at
The command of the King
The One for whom she
Dances, She liberates us
With every layer of whispered
Silk her skirt swirls in hope
Cutting with gospel threads
The iron chains that bruise
Our hands and hold
She leaps to her feet
She takes His
Sacred Heart To hers’
She ignites with passion
The impenetrable darkness
In eternity’s diaphanous skirts
She ignites like a flame
On the wick of the oil lamp
She knows to
Dance in the body she has.
(c) 2010 Poem by Anushka Anastasia Solomon.


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