Reflections of a fast maturing Christian poet.

Contemporary American Christianity suffers from one common and inescapable affliction – contemporary American culture. If once Americans were considered insular, now American Christians are overly outward focused –oppression, prostitution, poverty, mismanagement, immorality, bullying, heathens and pagans, third world type politics is always ‘out there’ – in my neighbor’s country or in the ‘third world’. As a Christian who loves both country of adoption and country of origin, I find comfort in my citizenship in heaven because it gives me that solid rock upon which to stand.

The examples of men and women in ‘ministry’, serving others often at a great cost to their own families are not an oft-talked about topic within the American church. Nor is that ‘selfish ambition.’ The use of ‘family Christian values’ to leverage political power or personal ambition compromises the gospel. As this next election comes up, I’d like to see separation of church and state. As regards their professed faith, I am with good old George Washington –to bigotry no sanction.

“What about terrorism and Islam? “What about the threat from within and without, from the Muslims”, my questioners will ask. For these frightened souls, I pray as I pray for myself: “’Don’t be afraid,’” the prophet answered. ‘Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’” 2 Kings 6:16

Undeniably there is that threat. Only a fool would ignore it. And obviously our government, whatever the personal faith of the elected officials, finds it expedient to fight these wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Expedient as well is to remain alert to the threat from Iran. This then leaves us with a great American nation of for the people, by the people, of the people. This then leaves us many friends of all different races and religions who look forward to an America that once was before we allowed a false faith to corrupt our souls and cow us. True religion, bears fruit.

Some ministers of the Christian faith continue to ask me for money for their ministries. Repeatedly I tell them I have no income as yet therefore cannot contribute to their ministries. Quite dogged about their need for money and perhaps doubtful of their own gospel that ‘God will provide’, they begin to beg for a one time donation. Then they threathen me with Malachi saying that if I don’t give 10 percent, that God will not rebuke the devourer on my behalf. 10 percent of 0 is zero. God bless these ministries and they do need money but my mother always said ‘charity begins at home’ and I am relying on ‘God will provide’.

Some politicians of my acquaintance use the words ‘multicultural’ and ‘rainbow America’ as a pejorative term. It is beginning to vex me. And should I run into them, especially the Christians I must advise ahead of time as I have previously that I am not into empty politics and empty religion. The King James version of the Bible is very poetic and has a line of scripture that actually stands in helpful asistance of me, the stranger who dwells amongst you. Leviticus 19:v 33 “And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex him.”

I’ll bet this applies to  ‘her’ as well. There is then faith, hope and love now and ahead –for all people. Onward Christian!


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