Feb 18th – reflection -Inspiration

At Mass today, the word ‘inspiration’ was used in a special way,  My soul is set free from its’ prison. A well-known American Christian author writes  it is ‘not about you’. My friends, it is all about YOU.

Happily, Jesus is acquainted with all your ways!  Go to Him. His light never goes out, His oil never runs dry and when He has helped you, He sets you free to ‘go out and love and serve the Lord!’.

God gives us dreams . Persevere in prayer.  He brings to fulfillment those very dreams. God gives us special dreams. It is never too late to live, with Christ, all things are possible. His love overflows, no matter how silly to others the dream, the God who placed a dream in your heart, will bring it to fulfillment.

The Lord Jesus, looks upon each head bent in prayer before His cross, and His eyes rest lovingly on it. Enter into the Church where the fullness of His presence is and He will embrace you with open arms and draw you close to His breast. He says, “I love You” not “It’s not about You”.


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