Ash Wednesday,Feb 17th

This Lent, I am learning as a Catholic, the Christian faith. Yes, I am Catholic. Father Chris spoke today of the ‘ecstasy’ of this season of penance, fasting and prayer. He spoke of a devotion to our interior lives, a conversion of the heart. It is difficult to be Catholic in America, especially as a convert from the Hindu faith, for many reasons.

Hurled at me, all at once, it seems like, are all the questions and anxieties that ought really be directed towards a Catholic Priest. I myself have questions, but being a poet, like Rilke, I am learning to satisfy myself with living out these difficult questions, and the faith. All I know is that God saves His people and gives them refuge in His most Sacred Heart.

Ash Wednesday will always be a day of remembrance for me because today was the day my home was to have been foreclosed upon. God provides. God saves. God blesses His people. He sends help from His sanctuary and protects us from our enemies, spiritual and human.


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