Merry Christmas!

I believe in Jesus

I believe in miracles

I believe that all that God allows to happen to me is within His will, purpose and plan for me.

I believe that God loves me and I have a place in His mansion.

I believe that every day is a celebration of Him and the joy of all creation.

I believe that God sees me, He hears my cry and He sends me hope.

He sent this deer on my birthday to sit at my window.

I share this with you because I know God now. I cannot explain evil, or loss or illness or betrayal or murder or war or the priests/pastors or churches or governments or people who hurt us.

But I do know that there are gifts in life that come directly from the most sacred heart of Jesus. This one gift God sent me on my birthday in answer to the cry of my heart. On this His birthday, or rather the day we celebrate our savior’s birth, I see it fitting to offer Him, myself, as honestly I have nothing to give that He did not give me first. The malls don’t stock deer. I don’t have a clue anyhow how to price or buy deer. So, my dears I share with you what I have been given that is this gift of life and love in Jesus that was sent me.

May you come to know the Jesus, the soul of my soul, my companion and presence in all my joys and woes and when you are in need, may the Lord send you such a presence to comfort you. May He open your eyes to see what Emerson calls the wayside sacrament. May He inform your heart that the world and people may reject you, persecute you or rob you of all that you own, but He has a place for you in His mansion. The doors to His mansion are like His Heart, He waits and watches at His window, just like this deer for us to return to Him.


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