At daily mass today, I heard that only the United States and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Wonderful! I am so thankful then to be here! Both at the church and in this great nation where the President pardons ‘Courage’ the Turkey and sends it to Disney Land at the intercession of his daughters. I also love the US because well, the Indians are here, all dressed up and at the White House, as honored guests. No one turned away at the door.

At church, the gospel message of Christ dying for all people resonates with my soul and so too, it must with all people of good faith all over the world. I am thankful to be here. With all my crosses to bear, and troubles to face, it is still a Beautiful World!

because this world has many beautiful people to discover like Colin Hay above….my, my,my it is a beautiful world, Colin, yes, and I am free! The Jesus I have come to know was born in the Middle East and He has never put me on hold, plus…happily, I have learned to cook and I have a great chicken soup recipe for His cold if He ever gets one!

Ben will be cooking our own bird and we shall sit down this evening to a royal meal of Thanksgiving in our home. All is well in my soul! To Heaven I throw my thanks and to the King, I curtsy, for it is to Him our souls belong! God bless you all, every nation and everyone. As Colin Hays, sings, and my hearts sings with him, my, my, my, it’s a beautiful world!


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