False Prophets

False prophets abound in America, to know them one need only attend a prosperity gospel church for any length of time. The buildings all look alike, they have huge child care centers akin to a McDonald’s playground (but not for the American single mother who is is badly in need of the service so she can get to work, escape domestic violence or kick addiction),large baptismal fonts and television screens trained on the preacher man in a Brooks Brother’s suit with a CEO salary. The preacher man here sells Jesus for profit , public personal recognition and gain. This ‘successful’ church model is promoted overseas and the ‘business’ is built through the sale of books, CDs’ , cups, journals, jewelery and music by the ‘ministry’ here and abroad.

The Bible states very clearly that the gospel of Jesus Christ is given free of charge. Isaiah 55. False prophets are men in need of an education in international politics, religions, human rights, cultures of the world and our prayers. False prophets base their message on division/denominations, the doing away with of liturgy, communion, and what they call ‘intellectualism’. They are successful in the short term. They violate Christ’s message by shouting and screaming into the microphone and engaging in theatrical performance. Isaiah 42.v2 to 3 tell us how Christ speaks to us. Isaiah 58 tells us what God requires of us.

False prophets also abound in my country of origin, Malaysia. They are consulted and the politics there is informed by them. Eziekiel Chap 13.

The good news however is that God is gathering his people from every nation, tribe, and nationality. The good news is that the Bible is clear about Sin and Punishment, Jeremiah 8v4 and for those who actually read the Bible, cover to cover, God’s character is revealed. The struggle is for me -how to imitate Him-given my own passions, ambitions, desires and dreams

Where once I used to ‘charge into battle like a horse’, I am learning to seek refuge in solitude and prayer. I also like that when we pray to God, we ask him, not to look upon our sins but the faith of His church. My bet is that we’ll be surprised at how many who are now condemned who have been raised up with Christ because someone, somewhere was gracious enough to pray.

I am myself a Christian today because someone, besides my mother, prayed for me. These are the true prophets and poets, the people who pray.


One response to “False Prophets

  1. Jesse Norman II

    While preachers should make a decent living, you’re right about the particular people you describe. It’s more of a spectacle than teaching of the word. Cannot serve God and mammon at the same time. One will win out. With these clowns, it’s easy to see which one won out. Business, government, and the Christian church are things that should not mix with one another. You left out those that aim to make their flock feel good about one another to increase donations to the church. I guess it’s bad business if a preacher tells the flock what they are doing wrong instead of just pointing their fingers at the “heathen”.

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