Serious Times

American life is about living. We now have a US President who actually reads (and responds) to letters from his countrymen and reflects on matters of faith, family and society. Our First Lady as well is one who reaches out.

Their letters and actions are not standard mail, routing one to a 1-800 number or issuing the polite note and signed formal photo of disengagement. There is good example in the White House of mindful , responsive living and leadership. President Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama are not distanced by privilege and status from us, the people. America is once again creating her own history as indicated in our president’s inaugural speech.

Each nation creates her own history. The Malaysian government must cease its’ governance of intimidation, brutality and threat to begin to set for itself standards of personal and professional integrity. It was hopeless in Malaysia and still would be if not for the inspired press and journalism spear headed by and bloggers like Raja Petra Kammaruddin and other truth tellers and human rights activists.

The Malaysian Information, Communications, Culture Minister Rais Yatim would be a better representative of his office, administration, nationality and faith, if he took the time to process for himself who or what a traitor is. Better yet if he took the time to understand what ‘his’ people are saying to him.

Simone de Beauvoir, the French existentialist, said that Americans who criticize their country the most were not the ones least attached to it. Similarly, Malaysians.


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