Immigrants/exiles/aliens and pilgrims

“America is what you make it. This country is made by immigrants,” a former Hampshire College, MA, classmate tells me over the phone. America is what you make it .

I am glad now for the broken road. The view is different. An American Catholic bishop wrote that immigrants are not breaking the law, the law is breaking them and this, is somewhat true. As our son, David put it, “Pain is a great tool.” We are chiseled into the dream for integrity and innovation.

Our focus, as a family, is on what we can do for ourselves and the country. Our faith is that if we continue to stay the course, America will be what we make it, ‘home’ and Americans, ‘family’. To this end, the dream is the destiny.

The same applies for Malaysians. Malaysia is what Malaysians make of it. I am proud of the Malaysians who rise up and resist the Government in nonviolent ways. The Government insists on its’ soul destroying policies but like the Americans, we can rise up again and again. I took the way out but I am here, praying for the God of Justice to answer from the very heavens as He has in America.

Here is the full text of Rev. Lowery’s Inauguration Benediction. It is a prayer that reads like a poem or a psalm. I love the humor in it. In our own journey we shed our silent tears but God often brought laughter and joy to our troubled and cast down hearts. Again and again, the spirit of the Living God lifted my family and I up. Even now…God alone hears and sees and is moved by our prayers. so, pray on, and persevere, God will wipe every tear!


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