Heroes and Heroines Exhibition, Edinburgh, Scotland, Aug 1-27th 2008

Featured authors include

  • Cuban jornalist,Pablo Pacheco Avila
  • Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner 2003 Shirin Ebadi
  • Nigerian Chris Abani
  • Novelist Arundhati Roy from India
  • Chinese journalist Shi Tao
  • Malaysian poet Anushka Anastasia Solomon in exile in the United States
  • Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho
  • Activist Wangari Maathaifrom Kenya
  • Anna Politkovskaya the Russian journalist who was murderedin 2006
  • Aung San Suu Kyi the imprisoned Burmese democratic leader
  • Iyad Hayatleh who is a Palestinian refugee writer in Scotland
  • A Tibetan writer whose works have been banned in China called Woeser

Further information can be found at…



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