Anew, anu

Scripture tells us, ‘Each day, HIS mercies are new’. I am learning of a new faithfulness. It is in the sun that comes up each morning, the birds, and today, especially the elk. These majestic creatures with their comic heart shaped bottoms were at my kitchen door. One looked up at me with a mouthful of grass. Another ran away when I laughed in delight. How beautiful! And how fortunate am I! When I look back on my journey of faith, I know God has travelled with me as HE does with everyone. Emmanuel – God with us. What a beautiful way to describe Him, my Jesus. He accepts me, and you. I find that amazing. In my former faith and even in the Christian faith, if one were to seek the acceptance and embrace of man, one would find, man lacking but the spiritual embrace of the living God is amazing!

I shall apply myself today to studying the poetry of my being amidst others in a ‘hundred cribs’. I shall apply myself to learning what it means to be planted in America. I shall learn what type of fruit and flower and shape of leaf I shall yield. I shall be faithful and true to my voice and refuse to be shaped or intimidated even by the forces here that seek to create a recognisable entity. How? Only the potter knows what clay He uses and only He has in His mind the design. I shall merely yield to the shaping at His hands and ask in return for the faith to trust that whatever the outcome that it shall be beautiful and magnificent and true!

Idealistic? Why not? The world was and ever will be shaped by idealists. If I had not an ideal, if I were not to envision and imagine, then I would be as rigid as a dead body, making no more room for growth than a coffin. Why be dead in a world that was created for us to enjoy and be free and participate in the creation of new life? Why not seek life, and life abundantly as Jesus promises? Why not ask for the grace to serve God and government with joy? Money, I cannot take with me. Power will fade. But my faith and my joy will clothe me in eternity. These are the final clothes, I shall don and take and keep.


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