Eyes of Faith

I finally figured out what makes America a great country and why we need Church more than ever. You see… Fear, Evil and negative outcomes the human heart is able to conceive of all by itself. Faith, grace, love, passion for and an appreciation of beauty, a desire and heart to help the afflicted, the poor and the oppressed can come only from God and people of God. Like I told the Spiritual Director of my church, in anguish recently, Fear, we can generate on our own. It is for a measure of faith, even a mustard seed of it, that I stand knocking at the church doors. People who see with the eyes of faith, are those believing mirrors that Julia Cameron talks about in her book, “The Artist Way”. Yes, faith can grasp our hearts and move mountains. It can change hearts and minds. Stop what one country Pastor calls ‘stinkin’ thinkin’. And sometimes, when your own eyes are blinded with tears, there are angels of presence who miraculously appear to help you see and put one foot in front of the other and walk. As the Spiritual Director said to me once, there is no way but through it for grief. Church has the potential to be the community we have all relinquished without consideration -do you know, that’s a legal term? – in the pursuit and pleasures of modern life.

I am blessed. Today, I received the gift of flowers from my friend Jane who helped me see when my eyes were blinded by tears of anger over injustice, greed and wickedness. She said I deserved these flowers. I realized that God pours out His grace like this…just look at any field of flowers. God never says we don’t deserve it! Fields of flowers and banquets, lavish banquests is what the Lord Of Hosts, King of Glory sets for us. Can you see?

The church is like any institution, any segment of the human population. You’ll find the gossip, the egomaniac, the bored and indolent, the genius, the idiot, the tinker, tailor and soldier….and yes, the adulterous, murderous, exploitative and deviant…but you push past them all and press on, you touch the hem of God’s robe and then you’ll learn to see yourself and others through the ‘eyes of faith’.

The eyes of faith are priceless. Vincent van Gogh had them. He saw beauty in the most abysmal circumstances and painted irises. Here is my own poem for you all to read. I am not a painter. Only a poet who paints with words. If anything distresses you today, if you have lost a loved one or you are lonely, then go as the spirit leads you, some place outside and look up! God has sent us many angels, He’ll send you one as well….and when you can see, become the church.

Vincent, Irises Everywhere.
The purple irises open their mouths to sing, Theo.
Angels unfold silk and satin wings, Gloria in Excelsis Deo.
The vast wheat fields where I last lay supine give an ear.
Curtains of rain only modestly hide the divine.
Let the monsoon sky peel away from my eyes.
Let the pungent onion be a bulb of goodbyes.
On lonely strings the café sidewalk songs rise up.
In solitary places strangers fill an empty cup.
I left not only the memory of broken dreams.
I left not only the letters splitting at the seams.
In the tender curves of the body and the heart, lilac robes
are torn apart. In a violet haze of literary allusion
I, stand still accused of syphilis and delusion.
But yellow, reds and blues roll in on a sacred tongue
In fields of lavender the starry sky is hung.
These irises burn like candles in the brim of my hat.
I painted only the yellow chair upon which I sat.
I might kneel on occasion in the garden for you.
It is He who rises drenched in blood and dew.
The purple irises open their mouths to sing, Theo.

(c)Anushka Anastasia Solomon.


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