No Man’s Fool or Tool

There is a feminist term I learned at the University of Missouri-Columbia and that I later encountered at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and that is -that the personal is political. The personal is political. I doubt anyone describes Abraham Lincoln’s struggles as a moving personal story or Abigail Adams conversations with John Adams as idle domestic discussion. Similarly, if we are going to live in the flat world and engage in serious poetic/literary/political/cultural/religious and scientific conversation and exchange, we must begin to be less inclined to dismiss the significant voices of women and more inclined to listen. I for one am glad that the United States has Dr. Condoleeza Rice for Secretary of State and not the Dixie Chicks.

Here is another moving story. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is no apologist for Islam (she is a courageous and articulate apostate), just as Dr. Condoleeza Rice is no apologist for the Bush Administration or the Iraq War. Both women are intellectuals with academic, personal and professional integrity – no man’s fool or tool. I do believe that we can move forward in our understanding of world affairs if we begin to credit women with their unique identity and voices. The key is to always move forward.

Definition of apologist: someone who defends or justifies a doctrine or ideology.
Definition of apologetics: a branch of theology that is concerned with proving the truth of Christianity.




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