Silence is golden

This came in from my Christian writer friend, Mary Ann Herman in Texas. I want to share it with you all because I find it so beautiful. It is difficult for me to fast from words, as a writer and an extroverted person who loves to love, trust, believe, laugh, give…

Christians are exhorted to be as inncocent as doves, and as shrewd as serpents…..I have always had problems with the shrewd and serpent part but I think now that it means wisdom and caution. My mother always admonished me neither to lose my head in happiness nor to drown in sorrow. Strive for balance, she always said and prescribed non-attachment – a Hindu idea – akin now I suppose to ‘let go and let God’. Well, was rather hard for me to do as a Hindu because there were so many gods to let go! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Today, I look to Jesus. One man. One word. One name. One Lord. One Living God.


“Lord, set a guard over my mouth;
keep watch at the door of my lips.” Ps 141:3

“But Jesus was silent.” Mt 26:63

The Silence is Meekness.
When you do not defend yourself against offenses;
When you do not claim your rights;
When you let God defend you;
The Silence is Meekness.

The Silence is Mercy.
When you do not reveal the faults of your brothers to others;
When you readily forgive without inquiring into the past;
When you do not judge, but pray in your heart;
The Silence is Mercy.

The Silence is Patience.
When you accept suffering not with grumbling but joyfully;
When you do not look for human consolations;
When you do not become too anxious, but wait in patience for the seed to germinate;
The Silence is Patience.

The Silence is Humility.
When there is no competition;
When you consider the other person to be better than yourself;
When you let your brothers emerge, grow and mature;
When you joyfully abandon all to the Lord;
When your actions may be misinterpreted;
When you leave to others the glory of the enterprise;
The Silence is Humility.

The Silence is Faith.
When you keep quiet because you know that the Lord will act;
When you renounce the voice of the world to remain in the presence of the Lord;
When you do not labor yourself to be understood;
because it is enough for you to know that the Lord understands you;
The Silence is Faith.
From the Missionaries of Charity Prayer Book


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