In The Kitchen

There are times when one can only do so much, endure so much. For me, the kitchen is often a good place to dance, unwind, laugh, bake, pray and cook up a storm. Being a poet, I eventually wind up processing everything into a poem that comes out on the page, but for now a recipe card or a good cook book helps. The silence too..helps. While…the eggs are boiling..(bit of a private joke there…)

In this silence, I must define the boundaries. I hope what I write helps someone, somewhere but my hope for my reader, is that you begin to understand that writing is something, one does because, one must. It is my calling. I am compelled to write. I hope my ideas, experiences, struggles, thoughts influence you positively. That you learn to rest on the page, as I do when I write this blog.

Or that you develop a new hobby…cooking. It’s fun. And like poetry, something the world needs more of. It is strange to me how little people cook and enjoy time in their kitchens together these days. How much television has taken over…restaurants have television sets on. In one family pizza place, I counted five sets! It’s no wonder that our writing styles, our communications as writers, publishers, agents and editors has changed. It is impersonal and intended for a mass audience or $$$. Oddly enough, it’s nice to be read by many people and to be on the New York Times best seller list, but honestly, that isn’t what writing is about anymore for me. There is that difference between cooking for family/friends and the cafeteria. How much time does one really have in a day and who or what is really important – soul nourishing?

So, I made a Banana Waldrof cake, a grape apple jelly delight and now have assembled an English traditional Christmas pudding that will keep till Christmas 2007! Life has spun out of control but I do know that someone in the great somewhere hears every prayer. Keep thy chin up. It’s snowing in Colorado and as we drove, I saw a car with a bumper sticker that read: Life is a dance, if you know the steps. If you know the steps. To know….revert back to my 2007 resolutions – read the Good Book.


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