All said and done, we are thankful to be here, in the United States and thankful for the Christian faith that enables us to live our lives honestly and openly. Our experiences here and abroad have not been without that measure of pain,conflict and yes, joy that must after all be part of the experience of living in between cultures and nations in these times. I take my cup of comfort from Jesus, drink and pass it on. He alone knows the full details of our past, flight out of Malaysia, our conversion, the wounds, the search, the disappoinments and the future.

We rest in Him. I love “In God We Trust” because that is the essence of where we are at, right now. Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans. And as one American politican put it, thanks means nothing unless we have someone to give it to. We give thanks to Jesus Christ, whose blood was shed so that we might have life and life abundantly. May God bless each one of us and hold us in His embrace, loving, protecting and delivering us all from evil. May all the nations come to know that they are- but men.
God Bless You all, here and abroad.


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