The President, The People,Yes.

“I shall do nothing through malice; what
I deal with is too vast for malice.” “

-Carl Sandburg, The People, Yes.


I am an observer of the American political process, the people, their President and this nation. I am American by spirit, by choice because I subscribe to the ideas of freedom that I read and experience on a daily basis, here in the United States. It may be days or years yet before I am able to participate through voting but nothing and no one can place shackles on my mind and my spirit.

It might be prudent to not speak my mind so freely in certain quarters but that is true of all thinkers/educators. In the words of Horace Mann, the thing might be true but not all truths are to be spoken at all times for ……there is no contending with fools or superiors.

One truth that I feel compelled to speak, however, is my continued admiration for President George W. Bush and the American people. It could be that I am comparing this US President with the Malaysian Prime Minister under whose leadership I grew up. Or perhaps the American system is set up to be that much more just and my own spirit resonates with it. I don’t quite know. I am still listening, thinking reading, observing and experiencing America.

This war in Iraq and the sectarian violence is not in my opinion a reflection on President Bush, Americans and failed foreign policy as much as it is the failure on the part of the OIC to bring to bear its’ power and influence for the purpose of nation building/the peace process. I am not saying that the American people are incorruptible or pristine but I do believe that the American system works and the multicultural and multireligious people of this nation eventually line up with the ideals that are set up in their foundational documents.

Watching the midterm elections in the United States, the results and outcome, has me optimistic about the future and determined. The OIC has much to learn from the United States. The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Chairman of the OIC, would do well to address internal problems within Malaysia with as much integrity as President George W. Bush is addressing the outcome of this election and the displeasure of the American people as expressed by the voters. The article, Bush, Pelosi pledge to work together is evidence that Republicans and Democrats are equally invested in America and always, possess even in their most vociferous conversations, a vision of a better America for all Americans.


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