Platte Canyon High School, Bailey, CO

There is no way to describe the loss of young Emily Keyes and how her family and the community of Bailey suffer from this kind of senseless violence.

This rural American community welcomed my family when we were there for a Chilli cook off in the summer to raise funds for the American Legion. Everyone knew everyone there by name and told us where we might be able to buy a tent.

They welcomed strangers. If only the gunman had known to accept the wayside sacrament….

for Bailey residents

the sun cuts open
the autumn skies

orange and gold
in Bailey.

the leaves
turn red daily

but today- the
glorious fall

cruelly parted
us –

we remember
not insanely

the columbines
the blue

Emily leaving
our hands cold

but remember…..?
on the cell phone..?

she has left you a
text message

I love U, guys.”


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