US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

An ordinary American woman who makes an extraordinary impression as the true international is US Secretary Of State Ms.Condoleezza Rice. And that is not just because she speaks French and Russian and plays the piano. When I watched Ms.Condoleeza Rice testify at the 9/11 Panel inquiry, I saw a woman of resolve, intelligence and composure.

Here is my humorous take from At The Window: On The 9/11 Commission and what I saw on American TV during that time period.


9/11 Commission on Television
Q: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
A: National Security Advisor, Dr. Condoleeza Rice?
Q: No. She looks too much like Dr. Richard Clark.
A: Karen Hughes.
Q: She is ten minutes from normal. Not ideal.
A: First Lady Laura Bush.
Q: Too highbrow. I am looking at the fairest of them all.
A: Jennifer Lopez.
Q: Nice bottom-up but no.
A: Janet Jackson.
Q: She did not bare her other breast. I need to see more.
A: Madonna.
Q: She is like a virgin. I am looking for someone with more experience.
A: Britney.
Q: Yes, yes, I know her. We are on a first name basis. Appealing, but no.
A: Jessica Simpson.
Q: Newly-wed. Not that it disqualifies you.
A: Jennifer Aniston.
Q: We are friends. Tempting, but it could be construed as cronyism. So, I am going to say, no.
A: Naomi Campbell. Nelson Mandela asked her to help with world peace.
Q: I don’t think she is made in America.
A: Does nationality matter?
Q: We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality or ethnic identity.
A: All right. Irshad Manji, author of “The Trouble with Islam”.
Q: No. Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you, remember?
A: Ang Sang Su Kyi, how are we doing with her?
Q: She is not ‘our’ problem. We are not our brother’s keeper.
A: Princess Diana, then.
Q: Are you insane? I need the living to speak on behalf of the dead.
A: I was going to say, our lady of Liberty…
Q: She has a heart of stone.
A: She continues to welcome strangers.
Q: I don’t like her notion of loose borders. The embroidery could be improved.
A: She pricked her finger.
Q: There was bloodshed.
A: She wished for daughters…
Q: Snow White? Is that how you see America? Do you think we are on a witch-hunt within the country?
A: She was kind to the seven dwarfs.
Q: Not always. She abruptly left them in the lurch.
A: Well, what do you expect? She is married to the Prince of Peace, and runs a good old house with him.
Q: I have not seen her handle crisis well.
A: I thought she did.
Q: She didn’t, I tell you.
A: She did, I say.
Q: You can say whatever you like but in the final analysis….
A: The people will decide.
Q: We don’t all usually vote.
A: Then why do you want to know who is the fairest among us all?
Q: It’s something to do. I like taking polls.
A: How long have you had this problem?
Q: I don’t consider it a problem. I have a dream….
A: I got it! Martin Luther King.
Q: He is a man, idiot.
A: Don’t call me an idiot. It hurts! It hurts! That’s what they called me in the village.
The village idiot, the ugly American…they just would not stop.
Q: Well, usually when we ask these questions, about the fairest one among us all, we go beyond our call. We look in the global village and…..
A: Try to find the fairest among us all? I’d say Osama bin Laden but you said not to look at men. Why is that?
Q: Well, we are not to look at women, either but.. I think it originates from the Book. According to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, from which the fairest emerge….
A: I am eager to learn the truth, now. Forgive me, my emotional outburst. Go on, go on I am listening…
Q: Like I was saying…
A: Yes, yes, please enlighten me. I am listening…
Q: Well, when God created the heaven and the earth…
A: I am moved…so moved..and care so deeply to know…
Q: Well, he created man and woman…
A: Equal?
Q: We are not discussing equality.
A: Feminism, then?
Q: No. None of the ‘isms.’ Just the fairest among us all…
A: I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Why is it women only?
Q: It is not women only.
A: But you just said men are not included. You said Martin Luther King and Osama bin Laden are not the fairest among us all.
Q: You are comparing apples with oranges. Don’t do that.
A: But, why?
Q: Because thou shalt not.
A: I am beginning to think you have no idea what you are talking about. There is no magic answer is there?
Q: Why would I ask the question if there were no answers? Do you think I am stupid?
A: I need time to think.
Q: Time to think or make some unutterable links?
A: I think I am not the village idiot. I think I’ll go with my first answer.

Note: Condoleezza Rice is now US Secretary of State.


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